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Steelers Antonio Brown fined $16,000 for two plays against Bears

Brown highlighted a career day with a hefty game check reduction from the league.

Justin K. Aller

Tribune-Review reporter Mark Kaboly reported Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown was fined $16,000 by the NFL for a facemask penalty and an unnecessary roughness penalty against Chicago in Week 3.

Brown was penalized for both plays.

The second of the two is an understandable fine, given the current climate of the league, but the first one did not seem malicious in any way. Brown grabbed the facemask of Sherrick McManus during a punt return. The penalty was fair - the league is cracking down on offensive players grabbing the facemask of defensive players while attempting to stiff-arm them, something they've allowed, more or less, in the past.

Either way, Brown's performance overshadowed his penalties - the last one coming clearly out of frustration in a losing effort. He had nine catches for 196 yards and two touchdowns in the 40-24 loss to Chicago.

It's the first fine a Steelers player has picked up this season. They haven't gone this long into a year without receiving reprimand from the league since 2010, when the NFL decided to begin fining players for actions previously deemed legal.

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