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Rolando McClain can't finish workout with Ravens

On one hand, the 24-year-old linebacker's comeback attempt likely won't be saddled by the Ravens' holding onto his rights. On the other, it's unlikely anyone will sign him.

Jared Wickerham

Former Raiders first round draft pick Rolando McClain signed last year with the Baltimore Ravens, and promptly retired from the league after finding himself in legal hot water.

He made his first steps in a comeback effort today, all starting with a workout with the team for whom he has yet to play.

It seems like those are the only steps of a football variety McClain has taken recently. reported McClain "bombed his workout," failing to finish the conditioning tests and not even taking part in position drills. He even showed up late, according to the report.

Perhaps it was one of those workouts he meant to cancel, like Kelvin Benjamin allegedly did. In McClain's case, that would almost assuredly seal his release if the team was on the hook to pay him anything this year. He's on the team's reserve-retired list, meaning any entry back into the league would have to be with the Ravens, or after the Ravens would release him.

Based on this report, everyone in Pittsburgh is pulling for the Ravens to give him the starting job.