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Construction has begun on new video board at Heinz Field

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While not the improvement to the stadium fans had been expecting to hear about, work began this week on a new video screen at Heinz Field.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

With the legal wrangling over an expansion to Heinz Fields seating capacity on going construction in a different area of the stadium began this week according to the Official Steelers website.

Work has started on a new video board going up in the northwest corner of the stadium that will measure 35 foot high and 72 foot wide upon completion. The new screen will show live videos and give instant replays highlights to those with restricted views of the main screen above the south endzone in particular as well as to the rest of the stadium.

The construction should be completed at some point in June and the new video board will be ready well ahead of the Steelers first preseason game August 13th against the Buffalo Bills.

While not the news fans on the Steelers season ticket waiting list had been hoping to hear when it comes to improvements at Heinz Field, current season ticket holders will be pleased to see this new addition which is of the same HD quality as the main screen manufactured by Daktronics.

For pictures of the new screen and its location you can head on over to the Steelers Official site for a series of photos of the work under construction.