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A new survey indicates the Steelers are the 5th most popular team in the NFL

A new survey conducted, comparing the number of times a team is searched on Google, suggests the Steelers are the 5th most popular team in the NFL

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

According to a survey done to assess the most popular teams in North American Pro sports, the Steelers came in 8th overall, and 5th amongst all NFL teams.

Ranking ahead of the Steelers, in order, were the Cowboys, the Packers, the Eagles and the Patriots.

The criteria used to determine a teams popularity was the percentage of google searches each team generates. Nice and simple no doubt, but not exactly 100% conclusive.

However it's good to see the Steelers rank so high, confirming what we already knew, namely that Steelers nation not only support their team unconciditionally ,but like to check up on their team often via an internet search.

5th is a respectable position, and it is not much of a surprise to see the Cowboy rank 1st in the NFL, considering they are after all America's team.

The honour of the most googled North American sports team goes to the New York Yankees, closely followed by the Boston Redsox. Both MLB teams lead the survey by a coniserable margin.