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Steelers will travel fewer miles than any team in 2014

After going over 15,000 miles in 2013 (London and Oakland are far away), the Steelers will travel less than any other team in the NFL in 2014.

Bob Martin-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers got huge bonuses from frequent flier miles in 2013.

The needle moves in the opposite direction for them this year, however.

The Steelers will travel 5,896 miles this year, as John Breech of CBS Sports wrote Saturday (he credited Pro Football Reference with his work). The trip across the pond boosted them to 15,610 miles, a third of it (3,557 miles) coming from the London trip, and another 2,250 from their trip to Oakland.

The Raiders will pay for it. They farthest to go, at an eye-popping 36,106, which is approximately 15 trips from coast to coast in the U.S.

Travelling less didn't matter last year.The five teams that traveled the fewest miles last season - the Browns, Packers, Lions, Bears,  and Jets - combined to finish 35-44-1. So obviously not much of a difference. To be fair, some of those teams also played with starting quarterbacks named Geno Smith, Matt Flynn, Jason Campbell and Brandon Weeden. The game could have been held in the backyards of those quarterbacks and they likely would have lost.