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Goodell discusses draft expansion and format on Rich Eisen's podcast

On monday night Comissioner Roger Goodell discussed the proposed expansion of the NFL draft, mentioning that giving the third round of the draft its own night is a serious possibility.

Doug Pensinger

The NFL may opt to give the third round of the draft its own night, just like the 1st and 2nd rounds, according to commissioner Roger Goodell.

During NFLcom's Rich Eisen's podcast the commissioner discussed the proposed expansion of the draft from three days to four.

Goodell said "If the rule passes, it's possible that each of the first three rounds will get their own night. Rounds four through seven would then take place Sunday."

Goodell had previously said that extending the play-offs to four days was under consideration, but this the first time he has addressed a format, albeit in a hypothetical form.

In addition, during a Q&A on twitter where Goodell took over the NFL's official account, he addressed the question of increasing the number of rounds in the draft from 7.

So for any who had hoped for perhaps 8 or more rounds, it appears there is absolutely no chance of that becoming reality.

As for giving the third round of the draft it's own day, I suppose that's personal preference. Personally I'm not for it, the whole thing takes about twice as long as it needs to already.