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Teams volunteered for HBO's Hard Knocks

A New York Post report confirmed the Giants will not be on Hard Knocks, and the NFL had volunteers for the show. The Steelers aren't expected to volunteer for the show, so it appears they're off the hook.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

The possibility that the Pittsburgh Steelers could be the team featured in the HBO "Hard Knocks" series has loomed over Steeler nation for months now.  The team has missed the playoffs for two years now and is eligible for mandatory placement on the show by NFL.  Fortunately it appears that the chances of that happening have slimmed, even if ever so slightly.

While New York Post columnist's, Bart Hubbuch, report does not rule out the Steelers from the show, it does give some hope that the team may not have to appear on the show against their wishes.  The fact that the NFL is currently in talks with teams who may have interest in being the subject of the popular HBO show can only be a good sign that will keep the Steelers out of the unnecessary spotlight of the HBO cameras.  No team that has been featured on the show has won the Super Bowl in the same season.

Hopefully in the end the Steelers can avoid the impending circus that comes with the show; coach Tomlin has already given clear indications he would not be pleased if the Steelers were forced to participate.