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Agent of Ryan Shazier was on the phone with Cowboys when Steelers selected him

Gerry Dulac reports that the Dallas Cowboys were set to draft Ryan Shazier one pick after the Steelers did so. This indicates the Steelers got perfect value for their 15th overall pick in the draft.


If there is any concern about the Steelers not wringing enough value out of their 15th pick in the draft with the selection of Ryan Shazier, it appears that concern is unwarranted.

Gerry Dulac tweeted that the Dallas Cowboys, who picked one slot after the Steelers at 16, were all set to draft Shazier, even going so far as to phone his agent presumably to inform him of his impending selection.

Kevin Colbert made it clear in his post-draft press conference that the Steelers got the explosive athlete they always wanted, regardless of what position they had to take him.

However many fans were clamoring for a cornerback, such as Darqueze Dennard, to fill what was perceived to be the biggest need. In addition, some bemoaned the value of the pick, believing the Steelers could have traded down and still got their man.

That the Cowboy's were prepared to draft him at No. 16 shows that Shazier's value lay exactly where he was drafted by the Steelers.