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2014 NFL Playoffs: Steelers odds on favorites to make the postseason

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Las Vegas oddsmakers have the Steelers as the favorite in the AFC North to make the postseason.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Place your bets, the window is closing.

CG Technologies, the Las Vegas oddsmakig firm, has released their predictions for 21 NFL teams and their odds to make the postseason, and in a surprising turn of events, the Steelers are a top the AFC North in terms of the Vegas odds.

According to CG Technologies, the Steelers are a 45.5 percent favorite to make the postseason and end their two year drought of mediocrity. The Cincinnati Bengals were listed as 42.6 percent favorites, and the Baltimore Ravens were placed at 38.5 percent.

The AFC North was the only division that didn't have one team ranked over 50 percent in terms of playoff probability. Needless to say, that shouldn't surprise anyone. Vegas sees this division as one that will be competitive and a tight race down the stretch, and history certainly agrees with that testament.

Regardless of odds or percentages, oddsmakers in Las Vegas see the Steelers as a team on the rebound, and the potential is certainly there for this 2014 Steelers team to break their 8-8 rut they've been in for two seasons.