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Meet Derek Moye, Calvin Johnson's doppleganger

Steelers preparing for Lions' 6-foot-5 wide receiver Calvin Johnson by suiting up Derek Moye in a Lions No. 81 jersey. Moye knows there's no replicating Johnson, but the Steelers can get a good feel for Johnson's height with Moye taking one for the team.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

While it might take two of Derek Moye's arms to replicate one of Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson, both receivers reach higher above cornerbacks than most other receivers in the league.

The Steelers have been using Moye as a clone of Johnson in practice to help simulate his height and how the Lions use that to their advantage in their passing game. Replicating that is borderline impossible - which is to say replicating Johnson's movements is more than just wearing a No. 81 Lions jersey.

But Moye gets that, and clearly, it's not sending any kind of message that Moye is in that category. Just simply that he's also really tall, and that height isn't something Steelers' defenders will see every day. In the past wide receiver Antonio Brown has helped by simulating fast, shifty, mobile quarterbacks in practice too.

"Any time I'm out there giving the defense a look I always want to give them a representation of what they'll see on Sunday," Moye said, as quoted by ESPN's Scott Brown.

Moye isn't a moron, though. He's quite aware there's a requirement to suspend reality in this exercise. Neither Moye nor any other receiver in the league can become a carbon copy of the league's best receiver.

"There's only so much anybody can do to replicate Calvin Johnson," Moye said.

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