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Steelers vs. Vikings: Isaac Redman likely the odd man out in Steelers backfield

Running back Isaac Redman is likely the running back who won't dress due to the return of Le'Veon Bell to the Steelers' lineup.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

It didn't take long for Steelers running back Isaac Redman to fall out of favor with the team.

Whether that's a lack of production or otherwise, Redman will likely be the odd running back out, according to ESPN's Scott Brown, Sunday when the Steelers take on the Minnesota Vikings in London.

Redman being in street clothes for the first time this year makes a lot of sense. With Le'Veon Bell making his first appearance (possibly his first start, for whatever the starter in the Steelers' offense is worth nowadays), and Felix Jones providing a solid kick return presence, it would likely come down to the under-legendary and age-old battle of Redman vs. Jonathan Dwyer.

Redman thought he may have been done with Dwyer, having vanquished his rival over the course of training camp - when Redman strategically managed to disprove the adage "you can't make the club from the tub."

After Redman's blistering 0.9 yards per carry performance against Tennessee in Week 1, he's been seldom used, as he watched Dwyer return to the roster, and move a few feet farther per carry (13 carries for 41 yards, including the Steelers' longest run of the year, a 25-yarder against Chicago).

If recent history shows anything, it's benched Steelers running backs don't need to wait long for a shot at redemption. Redman and Dwyer bounced back-and-forth on the Steelers depth chart like a game of ping pong (which neither are allowed to play in the locker room because they aren't old enough).

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