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Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor struggling with British accents

Taylor has fun trying to understand questions from British media as the Steelers make their interview rounds in London.

Harry Engels

When the Steelers appear in primetime games, Ike Taylor, the team's longest tenured starting cornerback, announces himself and the college at which he played in a unique way.

"Ike T Squared University."

Translated loosely, he means "Ike Taylor, Louisiana-Lafayette."

It can be hard for the American-based audience to understand what he's saying, and perhaps that's the same kind of struggle Taylor is having in London.

The USA Today is on-hand as the Steelers are doing their first interviews with the media upon having arrived in London for their Week 4 game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Upon being asked a question, writes Tom Pellisaro of USA Today, Taylor responded, ""Man, I love your accent. Say it again?"

Taylor would again fail to understand a question being asked, and in all, it's a pretty funny session - which was probably the point.

What European doesn't love a game of "make fun of the stupid American?"

It seems like Taylor's affinity for drawing in attention cleared customs, so something of a normal mentality for him can be taken away from it.

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