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Ike Taylor says Steelers veterans would join Dick LeBeau in Tennessee 'if the money is right'

Pending free agents often have many reasons to want to join any team, but for cornerback Ike Taylor, playing for Coach LeBeau in Tennessee has its own kind of currency.

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Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Money is usually a key factor in anyone's search looking for a job.

Steelers pending free agent cornerback Ike Taylor is likely to be among prospective NFL job candidates in March when free agency begins. The Steelers aren't likely to retain the 12-year veteran, but it isn't entirely about money to Taylor.

It's about playing for Dick LeBeau. And Taylor strongly suggested he wouldn't be the only Steelers pending free agent who would love to play for Coach LeBeau, the newly minted Titans assistant head coach.

"If the money is right in Tennessee, yeah, I could see it," Taylor told Tennesseean reporter Jim Wyatt Tuesday. "The money doesn’t have to be spectacular, but if the money is right, I can tell you they are willing to go where Coach LeBeau is. … There is just a genuine, mutual respect that I have for that man, and other guys have it, too."

Even with that, Taylor doesn't give a ringing endorsement of the non-LeBeau Titans.

"I would come to Tennessee, but only because of Coach LeBeau."

The ribs are pretty good, too. Taylor shouldn't forget that, as well as the end of the 2014 season, if he intends to find a suitor in free agency. Tennessee is as good an option as any if that is the case.

James Harrison recently declared he isn't retiring and is preparing to play in 2015. Defensive end Brett Keisel may be released as well, and Troy Polamalu's 2015 salary may make him a candidate for release. If Taylor says the money doesn't need to be as much an issue, perhaps all of them can join LeBeau in what's becoming Dixieland Steelers in Nashville.