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Dolphins attempting to trade WR Mike Wallace

Miami brass looking to shed some cash and some attitude moving into the 2015 season.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

After Mike Wallace left Pittsburgh, he understandably, if not predictably, gushed about his new team and quarterback.

He may have crossed a line with this comment, made to the Miami Herald in March of 2013.

"Everybody has a college mentality around here. It’s a lot different than where I came from. Everybody’s hungry. Everybody wants to get better, get to where we need to be — that’s a winning record."

Not even two years later, the Steelers have one of the best passing offenses in the game, the Dolphins have yet to achieve that lofty goal of producing a winning season (they did defeat the Steelers in 2013 though), and Wallace is talking a lot less to the media.

He left the locker room after the team's Week 17 loss in which he refused to go on the field in the fourth quarter in a game against the Jets.

Now, according to NFL Network's Ian Rappoport, the Dolphins are trying to trade Wallace, who has $9.9 million in bonuses and 2015 salary coming his way. In other words, a team may give Miami a conditional 12th round pick for Wallace - the condition being a 12th round of the draft is created.

Even Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti went out of his way to call Wallace's contract with Miami a bad deal, describing the outer limits of a deal parameter for his one one-trick pony Torrey Smith.

Considering Wallace's attitude and divide created among his teammates and his lofty salary, we expect him to be in the same place he was two years ago; looking for a job at the start of the league year, but this time, we will have collected a lot of cash but doesn't stand to make a whole lot more in the future.