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Steelers don't intend to re-sign James Harrison for now

With Arthur Moats returning to the ship, it appears for now as if James Harrison will be cast off.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers re-signing Arthur Moats is a move that brings forth the unintended (or perhaps, totally intended) consequence that James Harrison's time in Pittsburgh could  be up. While such  a definitive conclusion can't be concretely reached in the present, it appears as if Harrison isn't in the Steelers immediate plans, according to Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Harrison has said he intends to return next season one way or another, and had boasted about his love of staying in shape, recently demonstrated by performing a one-handed overhead press with a 135 barbell, an absurd feat of strength.  Harrison was a productive player last season, especially considering he missed the entirety of training camp and was only coaxed out of retirement because the team reached out to him and all but begged him to return after several injuries depleted the Pittsburgh linebacking corps.

Granted, Moats wasn't re-signed to come in and become Jason Worilds' replacement, (should he leave in free agency, which seems likely) but neither is Harrison, and the team isn't likely to extend a contract to a 36-year old player on the eve of free agency.  As Dulac noted, Harrison could be a summer add, or the team could wait until the beginning of next season like they did in 2014.

Either way, for now, it appears as if Harrison's future in Pittsburgh is nonexistent.