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Browns had deal with Jordan Cameron until the Dolphins signed him to the same deal

It's all about closing the deal. Apparently Cleveland failed to do that with tight end Jordan Cameron, who's out of the AFC North and onto the Dolphins on a two-year contract.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

It was Emmanuel Sanders last year, having come to a verbal agreement with the Kansas City Chiefs, only to double-back minutes later and sign with the Broncos.

The kicker here is initial reports indicated Cameron agreed to a 2-year, $15 million deal with the Browns. Then, he signed the same deal with the Dolphins.

Apparently, he wasn't kidding about wanting out of Cleveland.

Whatever happened, and whomever told whoever what, Cleveland risked not tagging Cameron (a move that would have cost the cap-healthy Browns around $7.5 million for this year), and because of that, lost him to the Dolphins. Miami, on the other hand, now has Cameron signed and transition-tagged Charles Clay already in place.

Cleveland is a suitor for Clay. The Bills are as well.

The chain of events shows the value of the tag, particularly at lesser-paid positions like tight end. Cameron joins Brice McCain in Miami, leaving Cleveland without its top offensive weapon. It also rids Cleveland of one of its biggest question marks.

Cameron has had multiple documented concussions, and when he wasn't dragging linebacks up the seam, earning big completions, he was out of commission. A remarkable player cut down due to the savagery of the game.

We're happy he's out of the division, but can't help but wonder what Cleveland's game plan is this offseason.