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NFL Franchise tags: 5 things to know as tag deadline passes

The moves don't impact the Steelers directly, but the bar gets set a little higher at a few positions of interest for Pittsburgh in the coming years.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
Ndamukong Suh was not tagged

This was somewhat expected but not entirely so. Suh was looking to make roughly $26 million - the tag rate plus 10 percent because he was tagged last year - if he was tagged, a figure well above even the going rate for high-level quarterbacks.

Suh has grown into his own cap bracket, and if he wishes to find a suitor at or around the amount of money he's been making, he's closing his options off to Cleveland, Oakland or Jacksonville - three teams that need to spend money to reach the basement and three teams clearly in need of help in all forms.

Don't be surprised to see Cleveland throw a large hat into the ring. Detroit is said to be still working to re-sign him.

Justin Houston is tagged

But he isn't happy about it. Word is, Houston is considering filing a grievance in order to be paid like a defensive end rather than an outside linebacker in terms of his tag designation. He's also reportedly thinking about sitting out until Week 10, the last chance he has to report before the year isn't counted as an accrued season.

Houston would definitely be happier in Pittsburgh for numerous reasons. Maybe next year.

Dez Bryant isn't leaving but DeMarco Murray might

Dallas found themselves in a tough spot with two high-end offensive players who are scheduled to hit free agency.

In the end, they decided to tag Bryant and let Murray take his chances in free agency.

The running back market is a bit different than others around the league and his asking price won't match the value he represents as a player (he was the NFL's Offensive Player of the Year and earned two MVP votes this past season).

Bryant, with wild rumors flying around about a video that's supports to eventually surface (maybe, depending on what day it is) that has him doing stuff he shouldn't be doing, creates a dilemma. There's no doubt his talent has earned him a large payday, but in Dallas's cap-strapped position, they're struggling to find the right amount for him.

Stay tuned on this, it will be an ongoing saga. As for Murray, Steelers fans should be happy he looks just out of range for the Ravens, because he'd be a nice fit in Baltimore.

DeMaryius Thomas is tagged

The Guy Who Caught The Heavenly Pass in the 2011 playoffs isn't leaving Denver, but tight end Julian Thomas is set to depart. DeMaryius is an excellent all-around receiver, and his next contract will, in all likelihood, set the bar for Antonio Brown, who still has a few years until reaching free agency.

Julian Thomas is an intriguing receiving option but not physical enough for the Steelers to consider bringing in as a red zone weapon.

Jason Pierre-Paul is tagged

The Giants aren't letting their superfreak but inconsistent defensive end hit the market. They'll lock JPP in for a year in an effort to work out a long-term deal. It's getting to the point teams must break the bank on their own budding defensive ends, but players have to demand it, considering how quickly even the highest level pass rushers fade in terms of guaranteed money and long-term security.

Those issues combining, along with JPP's injury history, are likely the reason the sides couldn't come to a deal in time.