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Grading the Pittsburgh Steelers first week of free agency

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been spectators through the first week of free agency, but did the team really need to be a big player in free agency? Time to give the team a grade after week one of the free agent frenzy.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Free agency has calmed down now with only minor acquisitions left to be made, and the Pittsburgh Steelers were rather stagnant throughout the entire process, but there were still moves made.

For the sake of argument, you have to remember the moves made prior to the official start of free agency as moves made by the team to minimize their activity throughout the official free agency period. Moves like signing Arthur Moats to a 3-year contract, re-signing tight end Matt Spaeth to a new 2-year contract and giving Will Johnson, Robert Golden and Antwon Blake one-year tenders as restricted free agents.

Extending quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's contract might have been the biggest news leaving the steel city this offseason, but bringing in running back DeAngelo Williams from the Carolina Panthers can't be overshadowed to help the depth at the RB position, especially during Le'Veon Bell's eventual suspension for his August DUI.

The Steelers look to still be players for a veteran defensive back, but have come up empty-handed on every player they've brought in thus far. With that said, what grade would you give the Steelers through the first week - and a couple days - of free agency?