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2015 NFL free agency: Patriots won't pick up club option on Darrelle Revis

The Steelers would benefit greatly with the addition of the Aliquippa, Pa., product, but it's just too dreamy of a dream.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Let's dare to dream.

The Patriots will not pick up their team option on Darrelle Revis's contract, leaving him at the doorstep of free agency.

This isn't new for Revis, who, since entering the league in 2007, has played for the Jets, Buccaneers and Patriots, and will likely find a suitor quickly upon the start of the signing period, should the Patriots allow him to reach it.

The Steelers making a run at the Aliquippa, Pa., native is hoping beyond hope. Revis is as aggressive a negotiator as there is in the business, and without any reason to think he won't command the same kind of short-term big-bucks deal he signed with the Patriots. He received $12 million to win a Super Bowl in New England, and the club option is for $20 million in 2015.

That option was put in place simply to compel both sides to discuss a longer-term deal this offseason. Revis is due a $12 million roster bonus if he's on the team March 9.

Word is the Patriots are interested in signing Revis to a long-term deal, but if Revis isn't amenable to that, they'll be forced to release him.

What kind of deal could the Steelers give Revis?

Not the kind he easily could accept with probably a dozen other teams. One can hope the allure of playing in his home area could buy a few points, not to mention becoming the talk of the city and helping bolster a defense that can grow into something good enough to support an outstanding offense.

Revis doesn't come cheap, and while still in his prime, the Steelers would have to pull out all the stops to even be in the same vicinity. Perhaps that's what they should do. Offense won't be a problem, even with the pending suspension of running back Le'Veon Bell. Defensively, one might argue they'd be better off spending that same high level of cash on a pass rusher, but there won't be one available in free agency.

Daring to dream is hoping for the nearly impossible.