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Bill Polian grades Brice McCain and Jason Worilds as "C" players

The newly-minted Hall of Fame GM discusses his opinion of the 2015 free agent class

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The 2015 crop of NFL free agents, for all intents and purposes, is among the best of all time and reads more like a Pro Bowl roster than a list of men who are likely to experience some career turnover.  Former GM Bill Polian, who is in the Hall of Fame partially as the result of constructing some of the greatest football teams of all time in Indianapolis, discussed his feelings regarding the highly-touted class.

In fact, Polian graded out the available free agents on an A-plus through F scale, with players receiver a C or better considered to be "worthy, durable role-players who can contribute to a team's winning ways."  Of course, A-grade players like Ndamukong Suh or Devin McCourty are well-known and will command top dollar, but Jason Worilds, who had a "good, not great" season is also chasing after a hefty chunk of profit as well. Unfortunately for Worilds, if Polian is correct in his grading system then Worilds won't be cashing in the type of deal a long-term contributor makes: because the former Colts GM considers Worilds a C-quality player (Insider required).

Obviously, someone is going to pay Worilds a significant chunk of money, but according to Polian he shouldn't be as highly-touted as Akeem Ayers or Pernell McPhee, players who received a grade in the B-range or better.

The Steelers, however, could get an excellent bargain if they choose to re-sign Brice McCain, who Polian also slapped with a C-level grade.  Interestingly, Byron Maxwell, arguably the best cornerback on the free agent market, received a C grade as well and disparity between the deals signed by Maxwell and McCain in the coming weeks will demonstrate how much team's agree on Polian's assessment.

On a final note, it's interesting to point out Darius Hayward-Bey, the Steelers fifth-string wide receiver last season was ranked as a C-level player as well, while Arthur Moats, a player who started nine games with the team, didn't receive a grade in Polian's assessment.