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Update - 2015 NFL free agency: Ravens WR Torrey Smith says he's leaving Baltimore

If the 49ers feel it's time to move on from Michael Crabtree, the Ravens may lose their second-leading receiver from 2014. Torrey Smith is reportedly in talks with the 49ers.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Update: Torrey Smith says he's leaving the Ravens.

Watch the script flip in Baltimore regarding local product Torrey Smith.

It used to be all bells and sunshine regarding the largely one-dimensional Smith - a decent deep game but he never developed a full route tree over four seasons in Baltimore.

Even his owner recently compared him to Mike Wallace, the ex-Steelers receiver who was (over) paid by the Dolphins, and, somewhat ironically, has produced Smith-like numbers ever since.

Baltimore is wise not to re-sign Smith for anything even within sneezing distance of Wallace, and perhaps Adam Caplan's report is planted by an agent looking to draw Baltimore back to the negotiation table, it would come down to how much the wide receiver-less 49ers are looking to offer.

Pending free agent Michael Crabtree received a value of around $4 million to $5 million, according to one AFC executive, reported by CSN Bay Area. If that's the market for Crabtree, one would be hard-pressed Smith is worth any more.

Still, for Baltimore, a team who's leading receiver - Steve Smith - racked up more than half his 2014 total after six weeks, then fell apart over the final 10, they should probably address the receiver position somehow in 2015.

It's still fully possible for Torrey Smith to sign something of a cap-friendly deal, but the team may have missed their best opportunity to keep Torrey Smith on a cheaper deal last season. The dead money created by the release of Ray Rice gave them $9 million less this year than they expected.

Smith now may be able to field something of a better offer than what Baltimore can give him. The 36-year-old Steve Smith is signed for 2015, but their three other top receivers, Torrey Smith (49 catches), tight end Owen Daniels (48 catches) and running back Justin Forsett (44 catches) are all pending free agents.

Daniels has played for ex-Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak for his entire career, and may want to join him in Buffalo. Forsett joins a stacked running backs market, and may be, dollar-for-dollar, the most valuable available.

The Ravens will get two-time hip dislocation tight end Dennis Pitta back in 2015, but with a slew of unknowns after possibly losing three top receivers, they may have to up their price for Torrey Smith.