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Steelers won't come up empty if McCain bolts

The Eagles may be interested in McCain, largely because it seems they're interested in every free agent. But the Steelers would need to enact their back-up plan - whatever that may be - if McCain signs elsewhere next week.

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As the Philadelphia Eagles continue their campaign to be linked with every free agent on the market, their media tear included a mention of Jason Worilds. More recently, it's picking up on Steelers cornerback Brice McCain.

Chip Kelly and all his success as an NFL head coach (ahem) is planning on spending big this free agency period. He shed a ton of money by dealing LeSean McCoy, and as of Sunday, will reportedly sign 49ers running back Frank Gore.

Perhaps he has eyes on McCain and Worilds as well, sapping even more depth away from a Steelers' team that needs depth at both positions.

Worilds is all but expected to sign anywhere but Pittsburgh, leaving open the possibility it's with Philadelphia. McCain is an intriguing option, as he won't likely come with a large price tag, he has experience and playmaking ability.

This in itself could drive up the dollar on McCain, leading to the possibility he reaches outside the Steelers' idea of his worth.

That puts the Steelers in position to nab another veteran cornerback. Even if they address the position in the draft, they aren't likely to head into camp without a slot cornerback - a position that's becoming more and more important in the NFL.

Reports have linked interest between the Steelers and Eagles castoff Cary Williams, but with just over 24 hours before the start of free agency, reports are now putting Williams with the Jets.

Brandon Flowers just inked a four-year deal to return to the Chargers, thus providing an excellent return from his one-year gamble in signing with the Chargers last season, and showing why the Steelers were unable to land the outstanding cornerback.

Chris Culliver, and all his issues, may be available, which would help move William Gay to the inside on passing downs, providing the Steelers with a solid nickel package. We've mentioned Patrick Robinson of New Orleans and Alan Ball of the Jaguars - neither of whom would appear to be likely Day 1 targets in free agency.

Keep an eye out for movement on McCain. He's in a similar spot as Worilds, because if his value on the open market exceeds what he's worth to the Steelers, and more importantly, if letting him go would net Pittsburgh a fifth- or sixth-round compensatory pick next year, they're likely to let him walk.