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2015 Steelers free agency: All is quiet on the South Side front

The Steelers have successfully avoided headlines so far in the league's legal tampering period. There's really only one bit of news fans should expect to read today.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles appear set to sign any player who even once considered a scholarship from the University of Oregon.

Clearly the major players in free agency - something that doesn't officially start until 4 p.m. Tuesday but is in full-swing now anyway - Philadelphia is putting together the beginning arguments of how an NFL team actually can spend money to become better. Check back in January to see whether that argument is worth anything.

For each rumor flying off the keyboard of a major beat writer and onto the screen of an excited blogger, there isn't anything corresponding regarding the Steelers.

Nada. Zilch. Zero.

Jason Worilds is drawing interest from Tennessee, and fans are left to speculate on his future and discuss among themselves the candidacy of Arthur Moats. Neither are connected to talks with the Steelers.

Brice McCain may be another free agent target of the Eagles. He may be for the Steelers as well, but that's not being shared with the media.

Moats and McCain are thought to be the top priorities for the Steelers among their own free agents. Worilds is likely to fetch the biggest price. Therefore, all three of them represent the biggest return in terms of compensatory picks in 2016.

That plays a factor here. More than likely, the combination of the three bring a return of a fourth round pick and two sixth-round picks. The Steelers know that's a very plausible scenario, do they are unlikely to jump to sign them. They will let those players at least explore free agency, and depending on what offers they get (the main factor in the compensatory picks process), make their move.

So we shouldn't be expecting much.

The fate of Troy Polamalu will likely be addressed either Monday or Tuesday, and the wait on that announcement provides legitimacy to the idea he really is contemplating retirement. The Steelers even gave LaMarr Woodley a few days' lead time before free agency. The negotiation period applies to pending free agents, not ones currently under contract, so Polamalu can't legally weigh potential suitors.

It makes sense to believe the team is waiting on that decision before determining how to proceed. They don't want to have to cut Polamalu - reports suggesting that were far too critical of the organization, when the reality is that no team wants to cut a legend if he elects to retire. They'll wait for Polamalu to decide, and if he wants to continue playing, it will be with another team.

The Steelers will wait on Moats and McCain, possibly even Worilds, to test free agency, hope they decide it's better in Pittsburgh, and then sign them to two- or three-year contracts.

None of the three of them is a sure bet to return, but Moats is most likely, followed by McCain, then Worilds at very low odds.

After Polamalu decides one way or the other on retirement, fans can expect the usual free level of activity in free agency for the Steelers - low. They'll leave the big signing headlines to the new coach at the other end of the state.