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Friday night 5 questions and open thread

Another Friday night of random questions, real questions and 10,000 watts of wackiness.

Gregory Shamus

It's been quite the week. We hope you've all enjoyed the content this week. If not, we hope you enjoy it this coming week. And we hope that enjoyment starts with these fine five questions.

As usual, you must announce your drink in the subject line, no discussions of the tax levies placed upon colonials outside Boston by King George and if you haven't donated money to pay us to post stories, you are as stingy as our revolutionary fathers.

1. What are the chances Steelers outside linebacker James Harrison plays well enough to make the Steelers think twice about inserting Jarvis Jones back in the starting lineup upon his return from a wrist injury?

2. It's 3rd and 4, 3:04 left in the fourth quarter, you can only have one Steelers running back on the field (current roster), and they will be running the ball. Which back do you want on the field?

3. Which member of the Beatles, living or dead, would have made the best free safety in 1968 and why? (Bonus: if you ever saw the Beatles live in concert you must state where and when)

4. The Cleveland Browns represent a strong threat to Pittsburgh Sunday. With a well-rested and surprisingly good Texans team the following week on Monday night, and the Colts and Ravens after that, all at home. What will the general feature story on BTSC be following the Ravens game: 
a.) A cruise to 7-2
b.) Freefallin' to 3-6
c.) Could be worse at 4-5
d.) Hangin' on at 5-4
e.) Hey, 6-3 ain't bad at all

5. Is hell better described as only hearing people talk as if they're Ray Lewis, or only seeing people who look like a cross between Terrell Suggs and Johnny Manziel (Teronny ManSuggs?)