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Watch Antonio Brown accelerate to 10 miles per hour in one second

Antonio Brown is so well-versed in the art of route-running, he can run them as precisely blindfolded as he can with full sight. Literally.

Rob Foldy


The Sport Science series ran a piece on Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, demonstrating the precision he displays in his route-running, and the explosion he has off the line. We know that, though. We've seen it.

Then they had him do it blindfolded. Remarkably, Brown ran at the same level of acceleration, using the same amount of steps and came within three inches of his initial landing spot (an eight-yard curl) without seeing where he was going.

So he literally can run routes blindfolded. It takes years of practice and running tens of thousands of routes to display such accuracy.

Brown mentioned recently if he played another sport, it would be tennis. Watching this video, it isn't unfair to assume he'd be a really good tennis player as well. The balance and fluidity he displays, plus the body control he shows coming out of his routes is amazing.

Just a fun video to watch, it's cool to see the art of route-running broken down like this.