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Winners and Losers after Steelers' loss to Cleveland Browns in Week 6

The reality is there were several players who did not play well in this game. It's the very definition of a team failure.

Jason Miller

Le'Veon Bell - The Steelers' running game was working well in the first half, having racked up 92 yards in 22 carries. Bell had a solid performance amid a general sense of offensive dysfunction. The Steelers were off the page throughout the entire game as far as passing was concerned, but the running game was succeeding. Why they weren't running the ball on the third-and-short situations early in the game is a mystery I'm sure Mike Tomlin will answer in his press conference. And, by "answer," I mean "dodge."

Mike Mitchell - Two big hits jarred incompletions in the first half, and forced a rare fumble in the second half when the game was out of reach. For a player who has been low on playmaking skills this season, he made a few today, and deserves some recognition for it.

Ross Ventrone - I really am not a big fan of going with the sentimental Winners pick, but considering the game, I feel like some kind of positive message should be spread. Was it not fun watching that kid bust his ass on every special teams play? He deserves a shout-out.


Cortez Allen - This was more the Allen we've seen this season. Playing with poor technique and his now-trademark fear of a deep pass (despite the obvious trend of stopping underneath him for easy completions), Allen gave up several completions once again and was responsible for a few big plays as well.

Troy Polamalu - The guessing game he used to play appears to be very one-sided nowadays. He's guessing and offenses know he's eventually going to guess himself out of position. Misdirections and extended passing plays are rendering Polamalu useless as far as the defense is concerned.

Brad Wing - The snap was perfectly fine. That just can't be done in the NFL.

Markus Wheaton - He had as many catches - one - as he had tackles when the game was still competitive. He dropped a key third-down pass in the red zone which led to Wing's botched snap. The game spiraled out of control after that and the Steelers limped to the end.