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Bill Cowher: Steelers' offense "finesse" and defense is "soft"

Ex-Steelers head coach Bill Cowher is employed by CBS, but don't think he doesn't have a soft spot for his former employer in Pittsburgh. This makes his comments about the 2014 Steelers even more poignant.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Pittsburgh Steelers fans have been vocal about their displeasure with the current coaching staff and front office. It won't help when the most beloved Steelers' head coach not named Chuck Noll goes on national TV and calls the team 'soft' and 'finesse'.

Bill Cowher did just that Sunday on the CBS post-game show after the Steelers lost to the Cleveland Browns 31-10. Cowher alluded to the Steelers' offense being 'finesse' and a defense that's 'soft'.

There are some things in life where it's a compliment to be called finesse, but on the football field it's almost the equivalent of being told you're weak.

The Steelers' defense was as bad as it has been every Sunday in 2014, as the Browns took advantage of every opportunity presented to them, while the Steelers stumbled to the finish line. 'Soft' might actually be a compliment to this unit.

Comments like this will make most fans long for Cowher and his fiery disposition, however, fans should also remember that Cowher is now paid for his views on games, and controversial comments help ratings improve.

But Cowher's comments are spot-on and an entirely accurate description of the current state of the Pittsburgh Steelers through six games. The team will have a chance to respond to this challenge during the coming weeks.