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NFL Power Rankings: Steelers fall to 20th after loss to Cleveland

The Steelers fall to the edge of the bottom third of the league after a loss to Cleveland in Week 6.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers took a brutal loss at the hands of AFC North rival Cleveland in Week 6 and, not surprisingly, they fell down on the power rankings list as badly as one of their defensive backs covering a seam route.

The Steelers have lost two of three road games now and go into arguably the toughest part of their schedule. They get the benefit of three consecutive home games, but Houston (19), Indianapolis (10) and Baltimore (11) all are formidable opponents. The Steelers may not even be favored in the last two.

Writes SB Nation's Danny Kelly:

The Steelers fall as well after their listless performance in Cleveland, and combined with their less-than-convincing win in Jacksonville the week before, end up at No. 20 on this list.

The reality is, the Steelers are still a team in transition, and they may still have another game or two like the loss to the Browns. They lost three starting defensive players in Week 3 - Ryan Shazier (knee), Jarvis Jones (wrist) and Ike Taylor (forearm). They may have lost a few more this week, too. Nose tackle Steve McLendon didn't play in the second half with a shoulder injury and Cameron Heyward and Brett Keisel left with knee injuries during the game.

On a brighter note, those setbacks could lead to an increase in playing time for DE Stephon Tuitt, who did reasonably well against Cleveland and against Jacksonville in Week 5. It also could see the first activation of the year for the man, the myth and the soon-to-be legend, Dan McCullers.