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Inside the Steelers Locker Room: Players discuss Cleveland Browns loss and Houston Texans

The Pittsburgh Steelers returned back to their practice facility after the loss to the Cleveland Browns and BTSC was in the locker room to discuss the Browns loss and the upcoming Houston Texans game.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers returned to their practice facility after their AFC North loss to the Cleveland Browns and moving their record to 3-3 after 6 weeks of action. BTSC and 93.7 the Fan's John Phillips was inside the Steelers' locker room to talk to players about the Browns loss, the upcoming Houston Texans game and how dominant J.J. Watt has been in 2014.

David DeCastro

DeCastro shines a unique light on how the Steelers truly feel after the locker room, and it doesn't take him long to say that it wasn't that the Browns out schemed the Steelers, but rather the Steelers simply not making plays. DeCastro also discusses the challenge the offensive line faces next week when J.J. Watt of the Texans, who has been wreaking havoc across the NFL, comes to Heinz Field.

Lance Moore

Moore starts the interview discussing the play calling, and simply deferring all questions to the coaching staff. Mentioning it is up to the players to make plays and execute the plays, but overall not performing at a winning level against the Browns. Moore also discusses J.J. Watt's incredible stat of already scoring 3 touchdowns for the Houston Texans and his large contract extension.

Ike Taylor

Ike Taylor has had to sit and watch the Steelers defense get exploited several times as he nurses his broken arm back to health, and the veteran cornerback gives his opinion on what is ailing the team. It essentially boils down to one word according to Taylor: consistency.

Ross Ventrone

Ross Ventrone made his debut with the Steelers Sunday, and he talks about what it felt like to run out of the tunnel wearing the black and gold, as well as making several plays on special teams. Ventrone was picked up for injured Shamarko Thomas. To make room for Ventrone on the roster, the Steelers released offensive lineman Wesley Johnson, who has since been signed been signed by the New York Jets.

Jason Worilds

Jason Worilds hasn't shown much of the player that recorded 8 sacks in 12 games in 2013, but he isn't the only person on defense that is struggling. Worilds talks about how the loss to the Browns is no more of a "wake up call" than any other loss the team has experienced in this young 2014 season.