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Steelers guard Ramon Foster clarifies comments made after Week 6 loss

Ramon Foster is on 93.7 The Fan Morning Show every Tuesday at 8 a.m., and he addressed the comments he made following the Steelers' loss to Cleveland.

Harry Engels

Steelers left guard Ramon Foster clarified his comments following the Week 6 loss to the Cleveland Browns Tuesday on The Fan Morning Show, saying his comment that "the Browns are a bunch of guys who haven't won anything," was not directed at all the Browns players, just a few of them.

"They won the game," he said. "If you were there, and you saw it, you wouldn't think (the comment) was wrong."

Foster's comments struck a chord in regular and social media, and exception was taken due to the outcome of the game, a 31-10 Browns victory.

The comments came after the game, which ended not long after Steelers defensive end Cameron Heyward was yelling and pointing at Browns left tackle Joe Thomas for a cut-block that appeared to injure Heyward's right knee. The block came from the backside, something that, while legal, is controversial in terms of the safety initiative the league says it's taking.

Defensive end Brett Keisel also left the game with a knee injury and nose tackle Steve McLendon made comments leading into the game regarding the Browns' outside zone running scheme that features cut-blocking.

Foster didn't make comments addressing that in particular but he did become the lightning rod amid a storm of frustration and negativity after a savage beating at the hands of the Browns.