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Le'Veon Bell arrest update: Steelers running back will waive right to preliminary hearing

By waiving his right to a preliminary hearing, Bell is acknowledging police have sufficient evidence for his case to be taken to trial.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Steelers running back will waive his right to a preliminary hearing scheduled Wednesday for his arrest and charge of driving under the influence of marijuana, according to the Associated Press.

Defense attorney Robert Del Greco tells The Associated Press that Bell will waive Wednesday's hearing. That means they acknowledge police have enough evidence for the charges to go to Common Pleas Court, where Bell must either plead to all or some of the charges or stand trial.

Bell and Steelers RB LeGarrette Blount were arrested Aug. 20 in Ross Township after an officer claims he smelled marijuana coming from their car. The Steelers were leaving that afternoon for Philadelphia, where they were playing the Eagles in a preseason game the following evening.

Both played in the game, Blount being released at the scene and eventually joining the team on their flight to Philadelphia. Bell would come later, after being released from custody.

Bell was charged with DUI and Blount was later cited for marijuana possession. Neither player reportedly has faced disciplinary action from the team or the league, although it's likely the league will take action on the issue pending resolution of this case within the courts.