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Dan McCullers is TON DMC

McCullers is (probably) gonna play Monday against the Texans, get your t-shirt to support him, as well as Behind the Steel Curtain.

A new power is rising...The Tennessee Shade Tree, Big Dan, whatever you want to call him, Dan McCullers is all but certain to get a helmet in Week 7 vs. the Houston Texans.

You can get a t-shirt to show your McCullers pride! Available in white and black, men's and women's!

This is the 2014 Isaac Redman Award winner for preseason dominance and zealous fan appeal. He is TON DMC.

An obvious play-on-words we're certain the BTSC community will understand and enjoy, so we decided to make a shirt of it. Blatant attempt to sell product? Yes! Leaning on a known symbol to mix up a new message? Absolutely! Dan McCullers playing in his first NFL game and destroying Arian Foster in the back field?!? YES! YES! Thousand times yes!

Get your shirt here through our partner, Game Day Depot, and take a look around at a few of our other selections as well.

As always, we appreciate your support!