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Texans vs. Steelers: Playing out a 2-minute drill scenario vs. Houston

Steelers are down six with two minutes left in the game. With 70 yards to go, here's the play-by-play on what happens next.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

It's Monday Night Football, the Steelers and Texans have battled in a tight game, but a Texans turnover with two minutes remaining in the game gives the Steelers new hope. We'll give them one timeout (which is admittedly generous), and we'll further assume no in-game injuries have occurred.

The wise crowd at Heinz Field is excited but quiet before the snap. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger sets them up, three wide receivers - Antonio Brown, Markus Wheaton and the rookie Martavis Bryant are on the field on first down, Brown and Bryant on the left wide side, Wheaton alone on the right. Le'Veon Bell is next to Ben in the shotgun and Heath Miller is on the offensive right side.

Ben gets the snap from center Maurkice Pouncey, sets his feet and fires complete to Wheaton on the comeback, it's good for 11 yards. Great fake by Wheaton, leaning toward the post and breaking back in, fooling the defender into thinking he was going to do what he did against Cleveland in a similar situation in Week 1.

Roethlisberger hustles the Steelers to the line. He likes what Houston has on the field, and he's going to work out of the no huddle. Shotgun again, this time, it's a pump fake to Brown underneath followed by a handoff to Bell who bowls ahead to midfield after running past the ever-present pass rush by Texans defensive end J.J. Watt.

Scanning the field on 2nd-and-1, he knows he has options to run or pass here, and he still has one timeout with the clock running at about 1:28 left in the game. He sees Houston's defensive backs inching in, a bit more aware now the Steelers are capable of running the ball. At the snap, Ben sets and fires to Brown on a hard slant. Browns shakes past the initial tackle attempt, and cuts back, rolling for a 12-yard gain. The Steelers get to the line with about 1:16 left from Houston's 38-yard line. Ben from the gun gets it again, this time hitting Miller at the Texans 32-yard line. Miller turns around and fights his way to the Texans' 29-yard line.

ESPN flashes the "Roethlisberger is 3-for-3 for 31 yards and three first downs on the drive" graphic. The clock is still running, down to about 1:05 remaining. The Steelers hustle to the line again, Roethlisberger faces some pressure, back pedals and throws it away amid a furious Texans pass rush. Second down, :59 seconds left in the game.

The Steelers bring in Lance Moore for Bryant, and look to again attack down field. Ben rolls out to his right this time, and hits Brown on a long drag, he gets near the hashes but can't get out of bounds. it's a gain of nine to the Texans' 20 with the clock running and about 50 seconds left. The Steelers still have the timeout, giving them a run and pass option on their next play. That forces Houston to stay big up front, and that allows the Steelers to run a fake bubble screen, letting Bell slip into the middle of the field and make the catch with about 42 seconds left and the clock still running. Ben uses the timeout, mostly to give them a break. They're gonna throw from this point anyway, in as close as they are.

First and 10 from the Texans' 12-yard line, 28 seconds left. The Steelers go four wide receivers, Brown, Wheaton, Justin Brown and Bryant. Ben out of the gun turns to fire to Brown - pump fake, throwing to the end zone, and Bryant is wide open! Touchdown Steelers! The Texans defenders collapsed on Brown on the pump fake and Bryant slipped right around them! A beautiful play caps off a beautiful drive orchestrated by the Steelers! It's Bryan't second career catch, and his first career touchdown!

The extra point is good, and the Steelers go on to win the game, Marshall.

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