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Maurkice Pouncey: Hines Ward "so far away from us" after criticism of Steelers

Center Maurkice Pouncey responded to ex-Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward's criticism of the team Thursday.


Ex-Steelers wide receiver and Super Bowl MVP Hines Ward called the 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers team 'soft' over the weekend after their 31-10 loss to the Cleveland Browns, and although Mike Tomlin and other current players have shrugged off the comments, Maurkice Pouncey took exception to them.

"He's gone so far away from us in making all of these comments." Pouncey told Scott Brown of "Come here and watch us work. Come here and watch the preparation we're putting in every single day."

When a former player criticizes his former teammates, there's a sense of injustice about it. Even though Ward is now paid by NBC to give his opinion on all matters related to the NFL, it's natural for fans and players alike to take exception to the criticism.

Pouncey has a point in the fact that Ward isn't there watching the team prepare and practice on a daily basis. But Ward is commenting on the only aspect of football that truly matters, winning and losing.

The Steelers very well could have the best practice players in the NFL but, if the team can't take the preparation and put it on the field on Sundays, then what exactly is the work and preparation doing?

Ward having been a part of the Steelers' organization for so many years must know anytime he criticizes his former team, fans and former teammates will react.

Like it or not, Ward's comments, very similar to former coach Bill Cowher's comments, weren't just valid but on-point in terms of describing the way the team performed against the Cleveland Browns Sunday.