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Friday night 5 questions and open thread

We attempt to get to the root of all matters, including issues coming from Varsity Blues as well as the Pittsburgh Steelers. Same rules, same time, same copied format. We’re here bringing you original Friday night excitement all year.

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Another big week of fun, excitement and anxiety here on BTSC. To cap that off and head into the weekend with a little style, please make sure you've got your meds handy, whether that's a pill, something in liquid form or whatever it is you need to handle this harrowing run to .500 from our Pittsburgh Steelers.

Just laugh that one off...the aim here is to simply post something which the first commenter doesn't hijack and people can laugh a little bit.

As usual, the rules are the same. You must announce your beverage of choice, no mentioning how Billy Bob from the West Canaan Coyotes was really the most compelling, documented case of the need for concussion research. You might also refute our claim that we're a non-pay site by giving us money so we can pay our Internet bill.

1. What's more troubling in your mind regarding the Steelers' offense, the delta (difference in high and low) of points scored in a game being 31 (massive gap) or the fact their last red-zone touchdown was a one-yard throw to Michael Palmer?

2. The performance of _______ on the Steelers this year is being overshadowed by the team's 3-3 record.

3. Speaking of Varsity Blues...does it bother you that Wendell Brown went to Grambling? According to him and based on the highlight reels, he's averaging 133 yards per game at one point in the season (before the night at the Landing Strip) and he's a great open-field runner both when taking handoffs and short passes. He appears to be roughly 5-foot-10 perhaps, but he has a thick build and good hands. Why would Bud Kilmer NOT pick up the phone and call Texas Tech or A&M for him? Better yet, why would he see Texas Tech in the Mike Leach days of 70 pass attempts per game as a smart option? Doesn't he have Texas or Alabama written all over him? Who cares how many touchdowns he scored?

4. Cortez Allen's demotion is: A.) Long overdue, he's a terrible player and a terrible person, B.) short-sighted, he's going to be better and just needs to be coached up, C.) like throwing deck chairs off the Titanic, it'll take more than that to get this defense going again, D.) Not a concern, because I don't know who he is.

5. If you could have your choice of offensive coordinators in the NFL, who would it be? (Bonus: In taking that coordinator, the Steelers would be required to start Jonathan Scott at some position on the offensive line, your choice, for one season. Would you still do it?)