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2014 NFL trade deadline: Looking at any possible trades the Steelers could make before Oct. 28 deadline

Don't expect the Steelers to pick up a head-case like Percy Harvin, but they still may need to make a move on the defensive side of the ball.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks dealt reported locker-room cancer Percy Harvin to the New York Jets Friday in what is very likely to be the biggest trade of the year. But it might not really be all that big, outside of the Jets acquiring a limited route-runner who excels more in a flex-RB/WR role, a living embodiment of a Fantasy Football player. The Seahawks dealt a first- and third-round pick to the Vikings for the mercurial receiver, who had demanded a contract extension with two years left on his rookie contract. The Seahawks gave him the contract he wanted and, according to Lance Zierlein, apparently brawled with ex-Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate during Super Bowl week last year.

An interesting gamble for the Jets, but one that has some upside, if they're willing to take on the baggage.

Taking on a high-risk, high-reward guy isn't in the Steelers' best interest right now. But that doesn't rule out the possibility of the Steelers making a move to help their floundering team.

Injuries probably hindered a move this week. Considering Steve McLendon was ruled out early in the week before a late game, perhaps it's a bit more significant than the Steelers initially let on, and this isn't going to be a one-week thing. Getting some help at nose tackle wouldn't be a bad idea. Those aren't the easiest players in the NFL to acquire via trade, mostly due to the same reasons the Steelers need one; depth at the position is critical.

Stephon Tuitt should start, and here's why.

Rookie Stephon Tuitt is going to be under the microscope in this game (he's making his first NFL start) and, depending on McLendon's injury and Thomas's performance at nose tackle, Cam Thomas may be on the verge of being released due to his performance so far this season. If McLendon can return healthy for Week 8 and the team begins to feel confident in the rookie Dan McCullers backing up McLendon, as well as in Tuitt's ability to provide depth at both defensive end positions (likely not starting but seeing a full complement of snaps behind Cameron Heyward and Brett Keisel), it wouldn't be shocking to see such a move. It's highly unlikely anyone would trade for Thomas right now, but his release, along with the acquisition of an experienced veteran for a low-round pick wouldn't be a shock.

The Steelers do not typically make these moves, but they're at a perilous point in the season. With a tough Texans team coming to town, followed by division champion-caliber teams in Indianapolis and Baltimore, they're going to be behind the 8-ball in terms of the post-season if they drop all three, or even two of three. Shoring up that defensive line for the second half of the year may be what the team needs to do.