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NFL Power Rankings: Steelers jump to 15th after Monday night victory

The Pittsburgh Steelers' roller-coaster season continued Monday night with a thrilling 30-23 victory over the Houston Texans. The victory propelled them ahead five spots in the power rankings.

Justin K. Aller

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Houston Texans 30-23 on Monday Night Football at Heinz Field, and the victory didn't just move their record to 4-3, but propelled them up five spots in the SB Nation Power Rankings to the 15th spot among all NFL teams.

The Steelers' up-and-down season continues as they have yet to win or lose two games in succession through seven games. Such results are very typical in terms of the team's lack of consistency so far in this 2014 season.

The Steelers' season could boil down to the next few weeks where they have marquee matchups against the Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens that could weigh heavily, not only within the AFC North divisional race, but also within the larger AFC playoff picture that's starting to develop.

In a modern-day NFL that proves on any given Sunday that any team can walk off of the field victorious, the team that can play consistently through 16 weeks of football will be rewarded with a spot in the post-season.

The Pittsburgh Steelers and are looking for that consistency and hope to win their second consecutive game for the first time this season on Sunday.