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NFL VP of Officiating Dean Blandino asserts no-touchdown call for Antonio Brown was correct

Naturally, the head of officials in the NFL will side with the officials, even if they did see enough to make one call at first, then overruled their own call five minutes (and four J.J. Watt commercials) later.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Blandino took notice of Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown disputing an overruled touchdown pass he caught Monday vs. Houston. Naturally, he sides with the officials on the field - even if the officials on the field overruled their own call.

Blandino will appear Tuesday on NFL Total Access, and the following is a transcript delivered from the league to their VP of Hack Development Gregg Rosenthal.

"Now when we take it a couple of frames forward, you can see the foot up against the white. So you gotta be really careful with still frames and photos and making calls like this. I'll show you one other look from behind the play where you can watch the foot being out of bounds there, and then when it comes up, you'll see clearly, in the white, that's an incomplete pass."

It seems humorously ironic for the head of officiating in a $9 billion professional sports league to advise its fan base to be careful (his officials are told far more profane versions of that sentiment on a per-play basis), but his point is fair enough. It was a very close call and the controversy that sprung up because of it is an indication of how many people are willing to weigh in on it.