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5 Burning Questions on the Pittsburgh Steelers

Shazier is healthy again. Should he start over Sean Spence? Is it time for Troy Polamalu to give up his goal-line leaps? Is playoff talk in Pittsburgh premature? Answer these and other Burning Questions on the Steelers.

Rookie Martavis Bryant strikes end zone gold in 1st NFL catch.
Rookie Martavis Bryant strikes end zone gold in 1st NFL catch.
Justin K. Aller

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Houston Texans at Heinz Field in what could be a confidence inspiring win.

But the Steelers had better consolidate their victory fast, as the Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens are coming to town next. But before the Colts and Baltimore arrive, Steelers Nation must first settle these 5 Burning Questions...

1. By all accounts Ryan Shaizer will be healthy enough to suit up vs. the Colts. In your view, how has Sean Spence performed in his place? Has he vindicated the coaches' decision to keep him on the roster? Should Shaizer automatically get his starting role back?

2. What says more to you about the state of the 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers at this stage of the season? The fact that they put 21 points on the board in 73 seconds? Or the fact that they only scored nine points and gave up 23 in the other 58:47 of play? Defend your answer.

3. The Steelers returned three kickoffs vs. the Texans for 29 yards. When asked about it, Mike Tomlin admitted that the Steelers were getting nothing out of their return game, but also confessed to not knowing what had gone wrong. So what's going wrong?

4. Yahoo! Sport's Shutdown Corner says that the time has come for Troy Polamalu to end his signature leaps. Agree or disagree?

5. Following the Texans game, a number of commentators praised Pittsburgh for "keeping its playoff hopes alive" with the victory. Given that Andrew Luck is on the docket for this week, with the Ravens up after that, isn't talk of playoffs just a little bit premature?

There you go folks! Start sorting it out!