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Which Colts player would you want on the Steelers roster?

The Indianapolis Colts are a good, young team and they're starting to come into their own as a legitimate January contender.

Andy Lyons

The Indianapolis Colts had to have earmarked their 2014 season back when they made the decision to release Peyton Manning and rebuild with Andrew Luck. It would take time to develop a solid, championship-level team, and this would be the year a realistic plan would produce the highest return of the previous four years.

They may even be a little ahead of schedule on that, but the Colts appear to be a valid AFC candidate for the Super Bowl. A roster that was meticulously assembled is starting to flourish around Luck, and the result is a team that's currently riding a five-game winning streak and boasts the league's best passing offense.

So it's really difficult to say Luck isn't the guy you'd want. An awesome physical talent, he combines outstanding vision with arm strength and is a great decision-maker (something he's improved on since entering the league). But there are other players on this team - an aspect of the Colts we won't hear much about this week, rest assured. Their famously-named wide receiver T.Y. Hilton isn't just a guy who runs deep patterns anymore. In looking at him in the last few games, he has improved incredibly from the guy the Baltimore Ravens terrified in a 2012 playoff game.

Cory Redding, the ex-Ravens defensive lineman, is having some good success in Indianapolis as well. Defensively, this team hasn't had nearly the same success as its offense during the last two years and, despite moves being made to help that, it hasn't peaked quite yet. They've played well their last few games, outside of letting a plucky Texans team back in a game they were dominating early.

Overall, given where the Steelers are today and where they're going, the player I might want the most is tight end Dwayne Allen. Built in the mold of a great all-around player for the position, Allen can run the seam route with the best of them and shows solid blocking ability. The Colts are looking to build that strong two-tight-end presence, and Allen and Coby Fleener are developing into a nice tandem, but Allen is the better of the two right now. He's versatile enough to think the Steelers could use him in a variety of different ways and provide a significant boost both now and in the future.

In reality, there are lots of good players on this Colts team, suggesting it's really difficult to go wrong. Overall, I'm probably taking Luck since you simply cannot pass on a 25-year-old elite-level quarterback. But the options behind him are appealing as well.