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LaMarr Woodley injury: Raiders defensive end possibly done for the season with torn biceps

Woodley could be done for the year, just seven games into the 2014 season. Either way, he counts for more than $8 million against the Steelers' salary cap in 2015.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Stop me if you've heard this one before.

LaMarr Woodley is injured. This time, though, Woodley will likely miss the remainder of the season, if a report from NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport is correct. He said Wednesday evening Woodley, who was released by the Steelers this off-season and signed with the Oakland Raiders, tore a biceps during Oakland's Week 7 game. The result of that injury is typically the end of one's season (barring the non-use of antler spray).

The Raiders have not confirmed the report, but it's one Woodley managed to avoid during his seven seasons with the Steelers. Typically, Woodley suffered a soft-tissue injury of some kind and it would cause him to miss several games of his season, but never all of it.

Woodley is counting $5.59 million against the Steelers' 2014 salary cap and will count for $8.58 million next year. Considering the injury and the relative lack of production he's had in seven games with the Raiders, Woodley is a long-shot to collect a dime of the $1 million roster bonus he's owed on the fifth day of the 2015 league year.

He'll likely be shopping for a league-minimum deal when the Raiders likely release him after the season.

Now...feel free to be the first to say you called it.