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Scoring change in Steelers win over the Colts gives James Harrison two sacks

Sometimes the powers-that-be decide to double-check their work and, in doing so, they've decided Troy Polamalu's sack of Andrew Luck has now been awarded to James Harrison.

Joe Robbins

For those keeping score at home, there has been a change in some statistics in the Pittsburgh Steelers' 51-34 victory over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday at Heinz Field.

Although Troy Polamalu was originally credited with a sack of Andrew Luck, it has been taken away and given to James Harrison, per Burt Lauten and Elias Sports. The sack awarded to Harrison gives him two on the day and his only two sacks in his short tenure with the team in 2014.

Harrison has started to show some flashes of his former self in recent weeks, and he has personally admitted to finally starting to get into the shape necessary to once again be a force on the football field.

As for Polamalu, the sack deducted from his record leaves him with zero splash plays in 2014. Polamalu has yet to have an interception, a sack or a forced-fumble this year.

The Steelers' defense is starting to show improvement on many levels, and getting players like Harrison and Polamalu to regain just a bit of what they once brought to the table could make a world of difference for this team in the second half of the season.