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Friday night 5 questions and open thread

Plenty going on in Steelers Nation, so we're naturally discussing random things with bits of reality mixed in for fun.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

We're back live from a drizzling Pittsburgh tonight, fresh off a Pirates playoff loss, which came off a Steelers home loss. It was a bad week for the Burgh. Things could be worse, but they could also not suck.

That said, fall is definitely more in the air now than it has been and, with that, we should expect a few changes. Things like, "not losing when favored by seven points," or, in Pitt's case, not losing to mid-major teams. No guarantees in the future.

Anyway...let's get on with it. As usual, announce your drink in the subject line, no discussing the physical inaccuracies of Sylvester Stallone's "Over the Top" and if you haven't donated before, we're guilting you into doing so now because we apparently can't make a living any other way.

1. That Lance Moore signing's really working out well. If I set four targets for Moore as the mark, are you taking the over or under Sunday against Jacksonville?

2. Cam Heyward is "verbally abusive" to an official, leading to him being fined $22,000 - or the cost per year to keep certain other writers free of psychotic episodes via medication. His actions resulted in a 15-yard penalty as well. Would you pay $5 toward defraying that fine if you got to listen to an audio clip of what Heyward said?

3. List reasons and cite examples why Jacksonville is so confident in their defense's ability to stop the Steelers Sunday. Maybe I'm missing something, and I could use your help figuring it out.

4. As a BTSC reader, do you care at all about feature stories, or are you just looking for news and subsequent discussion? You won't hurt my feelings, it's Q4 and I'm looking down the BTSC road a bit.

5. Rank from 1-10, 1 being "no way this is going to happen" 10 being "you may as well write the story about it now, cuz it's happenin' Sunday." Martavis Bryant leads all receivers with 130 yards and scores his first NFL touchdown.