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Winners and Losers from Steelers 17-9 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 5

Still a few positive things coming from a tight game against the winless Jaguars. The win wasn't a total loss, obviously, but a few players did not play well.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Cortez Allen - Easily Allen's best all-around game this season. It wouldn't have taken a whole lot, but seven tackles and a pick, along with several incomplete passes coming in his direction, Allen can build on this to recover for a strong final 11 games in the regular season.

Brice McCain - Dog house to penthouse? That may be a bit much, but McCain deserves a nod here for being one of the few Steelers defensive players to make a big play at a big moment. His interception and touchdown gave the Steelers a big advantage into the fourth quarter - the portion of the game they've struggled with the most in this young season.

Le'Veon Bell - A few big plays, another 100-plus yards from scrimmage performance (118, actually), no taunting was a very strong game from Bell. Along with that, a few of those big plays came in big moments, like a first-down run on the final drive, as well as a reception that set up that final run.

Jason Worilds - Certainly early in the game, it appeared Worilds was on pace for a monster game. He had a sack as well as a few hurries in the first half. Like the rest of the defense, he held tough over the last 15 minutes of the game.


Kelvin Beachum - A holding penalty wiped out a big pass play, and he was beaten around the edge fairly often by a tough Jaguars pass rush. Beachum is making his mark in run blocking, but his pass protection is still struggling. While the bench isn't in his future, he still has some work to do if he wants to keep his position in the long run.

Ramon Foster - This may end up being more representative of the Steelers' entire interior offensive line (a bad game all-around, just my knee-jerk reaction), but Foster appeared to struggle a bit with a powerful Jaguars' front four. The line carved some lanes for the running game but their protection wasn't strong.

Robert Golden - Two flags in this game plus one in Week 4 - that's just ridiculous for a player on the field for only 18 snaps per game. Expect Mike Tomlin to make an example of him, whether it's a benching or worse. The hamstring injury to Shamarko Thomas may hinder any such move, but definitely not exemplary play.

Sean Spence - He missed a few tackles, and was otherwise ineffective in his spot-starting role. The Steelers need much better play from Spence heading into a division game against the hungry and opportunistic Browns on the road in Week 6.