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NFL Power Rankings Week 6: Steelers move to 12 after Week-5 win

The Steelers defeat the winless Jaguars and drop two spots in SBN's latest power rankings poll.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

As SB Nation's Danny Kelly puts it in his weekly Power Rankings, it's a weird season.

So weird, in fact, he has the Steelers in the 12th spot of this week's version, moving down two spots after a win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Apparently, he wasn't impressed with the victory either. The key word being "victory," although it's unclear whether that really factors in all that much. They lost to Tampa Bay, moving them from eight to 10, then defeated Jacksonville, earning a drop from 10 to 12.

All that means is the Steelers will have to suffer a blowout loss to earn an upgrade to No. 6 overall. Now they face the pesky Cleveland Browns, who moved up from 22 to 21, on the road in Week 6.

Rounding out the AFC North, the Bengals sit at fourth, dropping one spot after a crushing defeat at the hands of the New England Patriots. Baltimore is a spot ahead of Pittsburgh at 11.

Looking down the line, the Steelers have the surprisingly 3-2 Houston Texans on Monday Night in Week 7, a game being played in Pittsburgh (a rare home tilt for the Steelers). Then they'll take on human cyborg Andrew Luck and the Colts in Week 8. The Colts will clearly be a very tough game for this defense but the Steelers again get to face a team with the benefit of a mini-bye week after Houston plays Thursday night this week. It worked for Tampa Bay, at least.

Getting through Cleveland will be difficult enough, though.