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Steelers playoff picture: Pittsburgh sits in ninth spot, caught in logjam of 7-5 teams

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The Steelers didn't necessarily lose ground, but San Diego and Kansas City are currently the AFC wild card teams and Cincinnati pulled ahead by 1.5 games for the AFC North title.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers lost in Week 13, just like Baltimore and Cleveland did. Kansas City lost while San Diego capped an impressive comeback win over the Ravens. Buffalo topped the Browns, creating a massive pileup for the sixth seed in the AFC playoffs with the Dolphins still to play on Monday night.

Kansas City is currently the sixth seed after their loss to Denver, and Buffalo takes the seventh spot from Baltimore after their win over the Browns due to their conference record advantage. The Ravens are eighth due to their advantage in head-to-head games in a three-team situation with the Steelers and Browns. Pittsburgh is ninth due to their advantage in common games with the Browns.

Miami is 6-5, and a win tonight over the Jets will throw them into the fray as well.

Cincinnati pulled ahead by 1.5 games over Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Cleveland in the division and, with a showdown against the Steelers in Week 14 in Cincinnati, they can all but eliminate Pittsburgh from the AFC North race. And the way it fell in Week 13, winning the division may be the only path to the playoffs for AFC North teams.

Baltimore is at Miami next week in another big AFC game and Cleveland hosts the AFC South-leading Colts.

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