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Which NFL team is most like the Steelers heading into Week 15?

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Most will say the Ravens, but looking at the statistics, the most compelling argument is one involving the AFC South-leading Indianapolis Colts.

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Which team in the NFL is most like the Steelers? The question posed by NFL Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk is a tough one. I'm not entirely sure there's a team that has the odd mix of elite-level playmakers on offense with such a mixed defense.

Most will say Baltimore immediately. Pittsburgh's offense overall is superior, although both teams score around 27 points per game. Pittsburgh's middling pass defense is better than the dumpster fire burning through the Ravens' secondary at the moment, but the Ravens can get after the quarterback and stop the run at a much better rate than the Steelers.

Dallas is an intriguing offense. Good quarterback with high-level running back and wide receiver, but the Cowboys' defense could stand to play a bit better overall. They score a point and change less a game and they gain fewer yards per game, but overall, they're right around the Steelers' level offensively.

What about the Colts? A high-powered offense with a middling defense, Indianapolis has scored points at a prolific rate, but their defense isn't exactly shutting teams down.

Of those picks, it may be the Colts overall. As Indianapolis sits poised to win yet another division title, having rebounded quite well from the beating the Steelers put on them in Week 8, they still sit at 9-4, one game better than the Steelers. That's perhaps to be expected playing in a less competitive division top-to-bottom - the Steelers look to become the only AFC North team to have swept the AFC South. The Colts defeated the Browns, Bengals and Ravens this season.

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