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Pittsburgh Steelers can clinch playoff spot with win over the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday

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The Pittsburgh Steelers have a lot to play for Sunday, and one of the biggest reasons is if the Steelers beat the Chiefs Sunday they will clinch a playoff spot.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers can win the AFC North by winning their last two games of the 2014 season, but per the Elias Sports Bureau, a victory over the Kansas City Chiefs at Heinz Field Sunday will punch their ticket to the postseason for the first time since 2012.

The Steelers have known they control their own destiny since defeating the Cincinnati Bengals 42-21 in the Queen City two weeks ago. The pieces throughout the AFC have fallen where they need to for the Steelers to make the postseason by simply winning Sunday at home.

The ultimate goal for Pittsburgh shouldn't be just a playoff birth, but winning the division. All could take place with wins over the Chiefs and Bengals in consecutive weeks as the Steelers would not only roll into the playoffs on a 4-game winning streak, but also host a playoff game at Heinz Field.

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