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'Rising Star' Martavis Bryant speaking Antonio Brown's language

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The Steelers rookie wide receiver has made a few big plays this year, but his long-term success will be determined by his work ethic. The way he speaks about it, it seems he's already got a good idea of who to follow.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Martavis Bryant is considered by Sports Illustrated to be a Rising Star. Seems like a nice distinction to have, just eight games into a player's career. His seven touchdowns in that time and slew of highlight-worthy plays makes fans excited about his future.

Beyond the highlights, though, is where he's beginning his journey through the NFL. A fourth-round pick with pure, raw talent, the one thing that will define Bryant as either a steal from the 2014 NFL Draft or a wash-out is his work ethic.

Steelers fans should feel encouraged to know he's heading toward the former as opposed to the latter if you listen to the video at about the 5:12 mark, you'll hear something familiar.

"You gotta keep your eyes up and your chest up..." a slogan made popular by Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown - known as one of the hardest working players in the league. Something must be sticking with the rookie.

No one's asking Bryant to be Brown, but the work Brown has put in already during his tenure certainly has paid off - he's on track to catch the second-most passes in a season in NFL history. Bryant has the size that Brown does not, and while they'll ultimately play different positions, working harder to perfect his route-running will make Bryant a high-level player. Perhaps he's already on his way.

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