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Todd Haley possible candidate for first Assistant Coach of the Year award

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The NFL will be recognizing the league's top assistant coach for the first time this season, and the Pittsburgh Steelers' offensive coordinator very well could be a candidate.

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From being blasted by rapper Snoop Dogg on Instagram to potential candidate for the first Assistant Coach of the Year award? Welcome to the life of Pittsburgh Steelers' offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

Haley has been publicly criticized by everyone imaginable in his three seasons with the Steelers, but what he has achieved from a results standpoint is difficult to ignore. In 2014 under Haley, the Steelers' offense is first in total yards, second in passing yards and sixth in points.

Pretty solid numbers, and a large reason why Barry Wilner of the Associated Press included Haley in his potential candidates for the first-time Assistant Coach of the Year award being given to the league's top assistant at the 'NFL Honors' show the day before Super Bowl on January 31st.

Here is what Wilner says about Haley which should have him considered for the award:

Todd Haley, Pittsburgh offensive coordinator

If anyone said Pittsburgh leads the league in something, the natural instinct for the home of the Steel Curtain would be to think defense. Nope. Haley has helped Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell into position to set franchise marks.

Haley has had his share of criticism, but that comes with the territory of being an offensive coordinator in the NFL. When plays work, you get praise, when they fail, you get blamed - it's simply the nature of the beast. Nonetheless, Haley's work with Roethlisberger and getting him comfortable in a new system has proven to be the biggest step forward for Haley.

Haley is now in charge of the league's most dynamic offense, and it might be time to give the man calling the plays his due credit for their success.

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